Meet Ayrehl

Ever since Ayrehl was a child she was an artist; her family would constantly catch her drawing on things. Everything was her canvas, it didn’t matter if it was hers or not. Whether it was penning a tiger on her grandmothers’ day planner or painting on the walls of her home she always wanted to make things beautiful; full of color and life. She started out with colored pencils, markers, paint, and would later move onto the kind of art she would make a career out of; makeup. She would sit and watch her mother do her makeup every morning in awe of the beauty these little things made. She was fascinated, shiny containers with the most amazingly vibrant colors. She knew then that this was more than another just another type of canvas or material she would use to make the world just a little bit brighter. She knew that this would be her favorite canvas; with her favorite material. Painting on the most important part to some people, their face.

Ayrehl is as any great artist self-taught. She has been practicing her craft since 2011, working at reputable makeup stores like ULTA. She is currently working for Hair & Makeup Unveiled as well as Bobby pins and blush. She just recently graduated from VCU and achieved a B.F.A with a concentration in fashion design with a minor in general business. Above all Ayrehl is dedicated to making her customers feel happy, satisfied, and most importantly beautiful in their OWN skin. One face at a time.